Human Capital Management

We identify the right people for each project, minimizing the risk to the company.

A network of qualified professionists

We provide solutions tailored to the needs and corporate culture of each organization. Our goal is to identify the best people to allocate on each project, thus minimizing the economic risk for the company.

Whatever your organization, whatever your industry, access to specialist skills can be a vital part of ensuring your operations run smoothly.

We offer you high-profile expertise, experience and high profile resources thanks to our network of qualified professionals, elements necessary to achieve your goals around the world.

Global coverage

Thanks to our global network, we guarantee precise and reliable control of the entire supply chain worldwide.

Innovative approach

Our smart approach allows us to deliver services quickly, with innovative surveillance methods.

Real-time interaction

Our systems allow us to make our engineers in the field, suppliers and the company’s quality team interact in real time.

Periodic analysis

We provide analysis of the performance and performance of the suppliers assigned during all design phases.

Personal research and selection

In the EPC and Packagers market, the management of large projects often requires a short to medium-term implementation of qualified external resources to integrate the corporate workforce.

We are a leader in providing support in the recruitment of contract and temporary positions on behalf of the world’s best companies in the industrial field and we provide human resources solutions to overcome economic fluctuations, regulatory expenses and improve productivity.


Ability for the customer to focus on core values.

Access to competences and skills of high added value for the company.

Cost reduction associated with the project.

Definition of a rigorous selection process.

Post order solution

Small EPCs and Packagers often have a limited quality control team. In the presence of large projects there is therefore the need to integrate their workforce with qualified people with a “turnkey” service, within a limited budget.

For this reason, we offer a “Post Order Solution” service, a one-step solution that aims to guarantee a low-cost skilled workforce. We offer a flexible service with limited costs, with highly qualified part-time engineers and a combined and integrated proposal.

Our service includes attending in preliminary, pre-production and pre-inspection meetings, documentation lifecycle management, supplier inspections, periodic reporting and creation of material data books.


Direct real-time interaction between our engineering team and the supplier's quality team.

Access to our innovative technological systems and our proprietary digital solutions.

Control of the entire supply chain.

Reduction and optimization of associated costs.

Flexibility in the activation of our engineers.

Access to competences and skills of high added value.

Center of Knowledge

The success and productivity of a company depend on many factors, including employee gratification. Thanks to staff training, the resources feel the importance that the company shows towards their professional future.

Implementing a process of continuous training and development of professional skills improves the level of preparation of human resources and becomes an integral part of the continuous improvement process that makes companies of excellence in the area.

We have developed in-house, blended and 100% e-learning management methodologies, where the interaction between the parties helps to build together the wealth of knowledge that represents a high-value capital. Our training proposals are structured in 3 Skills Development Programs, aimed at updating, training and information.

Our training services include strategic training programs, management training programs and operational training programs.


Motivation for employees towards the acquisition of knowledge and skills to better perform the assigned tasks.

Data analysis of training programs for monitoring progress and user involvement.

Partnerships with organizations that can guide you in choosing and accessing local and European structures for business development.

Tailor-made solutions and training programs, customized according to company needs and objectives, to ensure a competitive advantage.

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